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US Detention Solutions, LLC

Excellence through Expertise and Execution

US Detention Solutions offers a full spectrum approach for all your detention equipment needs.

About Us

Our Experience

US Detention Solutions, LLC is a group of highly talented, highly motivated experts that specialize in the detention industry.  Collectively, we have many decades of experience in the detention industry.  Our expertise is in engineering, project management and installation.

Our Vision

Founded in 2017,   

US Detention Solutions, LLC is an experienced group of Detention Industry professionals with nearly one hundred years of combined experience.  We demonstrate the ability to deliver successful projects that improve officers’ work environment and keep officers safe.


Our Specialties

We are experts in detention hollow metal, hardware, equipment, ceilings, furniture, accessories, and glazing.  Additionally, we provide service and maintenance on all detention equipment. 

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US Detention Solutions, LLC

6525 Gunpark Dr Ste 370 No 272, Boulder, CO 80301, US

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